Biuro reklamy TVP

The Telewizja Polska (TVP) Advertising Office is the most experienced centre for the sales of television advertising in Poland.

We have been now operating for 25 years, setting standards for all breakthrough solutions used in the sector: from cooperation with media houses, through GRP packages to non-standard forms of advertising exposition. Telewizja Polska is the only large broadcaster in the country with its strategy based on free terrestrial digital television broadcasting, which is why most of our programmes have practically 100%, national reach. We are also the only broadcaster with two popular national channels in our portfolio. Owing to this, our advertising campaigns open more opportunities for higher effectiveness. TVP is also the only broadcaster which operates sixteen area divisions, strongly linked with the lives of local communities. We are also an exclusive seller of advertising broadcast on the 12 TVP channels, whose combined share in the total viewing figures this year has been 32%. The adverts we are in charge of are also presented with our programmes watched online and on the portal, as well as on other popular web pages. Today, the TVP Advertising Office employs 120 high-class specialists. The variety of our offer, combined with the experience and innovative character of our team, lets us find satisfying measures for all groups of clients, independently of their needs or the scale of their advertising investments.